The Biological Flora of the British Isles: 75 years and blooming

Journal of Ecology Blog

Did you know that The Biological Flora of the British Isles celebrates its 75th anniversary this year? The long running and popular series is published in Journal of Ecology alongside the Journal’s other articles, and has featured hundreds of species accounts to date.

Editor Tony Davy has written a piece that was published in the Society’s quarterly magazine for June, The Bulletin, which you can find more information about here.

Readers of the Journal of Ecology will be familiar with the single-species accounts of British plant species that can be found tucked away at the back of most issues. However, after the Journal of Ecology itself (1913) and the Journal of Animal Ecology (1932), the ‘BFBI’ is the British Ecological Society’s longest-running project. It was in 1941 at the bleak height of the Second World War that  Council revived a prescient proposal, made by E.J. (later Sir Edward) Salisbury back in 1928, to…

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