Publishing also evolves?

Today’s lesson was all about whether publishing has also evolved or just became more expensive?

The students picked up and discussed a recent article written by Jason Hoyt and Peter Binfield (co-fundeers of PeerJ): Everything Evolves, Even Publishing. Basically, this article outlined how megajournals like PlosOne, BMC or PeerJ are currently so successful that nearly all other major traditional publishers have also created Open Access (OA) sister-journals (eg, see The Royal Society journals and the “new” OA journal: Open Biology).

Students were in general quite excited about this! They basically see megajournals as a faster and rapid way of publishing their research and didn’t mind the fact that they are generally non-specific!



Tomorrow, I’ll give the same talk to researchers…and yes! I can’t wait to see if the reactions are the same or not 🙂


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